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Front Door Installation in Clarendon Park, Leicester

  1. What type of house do you live in? Victorian mid-terrace
  2. How long have you lived at the property? Since May 2019
  3. What made you decide to change your door? (Security/Aesthetics/Maintenance) Aesthetics and security – the previous door was old and predominantly glass which was unattractive and not very safe
  4. Did you have a clear idea before your purchase on what you wanted, or did you seek help & advice from installers such as Kettell? I knew I wanted a traditional looking door more in keeping with the house but Kettell Windows also helped with advice on colours and the various options that I could choose in relation to glass, hardware etc.
  5. What appealed to you about Kettell Windows & their offering? I think it is important to support local businesses and their showroom was also great when I visited
  6. What were the most important features of the door you chose? The hardware – I knew I wanted gold rather than silver and the rest of the door fitted around that
  7. What made you choose Solidor & what features of the door were important to you? I liked the ability to customise the door so that it was exactly what I wanted
  8. Now that your door has been installed what benefits have you noticed? It is sturdy and secure and looks so much better than the old door
  9. Would you recommend Kettell Windows? Yes, definitely
  10. What has the aftercare service been like from Kettell Windows? Excellent
  11. Would you recommend Solidor? Yes, definitely
  12. If you had to sum the installation up in 3 words which would they be? Efficient, easy and attractive



Want to recreate this look for your home? See the products used during this installation below.

  • Solidor Ludlow 2
  • Colour: Blue
  • Gloms hardware: Doctors Knocker
  • Open inwards letter plate
  • Victorian Glass
  • Top box glass: Pilkington Canterbury

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