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Create a unique look for your home

Here at Kettell Windows, we’ve worked on more than enough properties in Leicestershire to know just how diverse people’s tastes can be. For this very reason, we try to provide as many opportunities for customisation with our windows as we possibly can. From the frames to the glass and the window handles, create your perfect-looking window with our extensive selection of window style options.

Window colours

Choosing the right colour for your windows is important; not only is it an opportunity to express your unique personality but it will also determine how well they fit in with the front door, back door and other features on the outside of your home, particularly your brickwork or render.

Mahogany uPVC casement window with leaded glass
An open grey uPVC casement window

Coloured uPVC windows

There is such a wide selection of coloured uPVC window frames available to choose from. From the ever-popular greys to creams and whites, you can create an almost endless number of looks for uPVC windows.

uPVC window frames also come in both smooth and woodgrain foil finishes. Woodgrain foil finishes give the frames a textured appearance that resembles the natural grain appearance of wood.

RAL colours for aluminium windows

Colours are applied to aluminium window frames via a process called powder coating. This process ensures the colour binds to the aluminium incredibly well, which means the colour finish will retain its quality. Aluminium frame finishes can be smooth, metallic, matte or wood grain.

Aluminium windows can also be coloured in any colour from the RAL colour chart. This means there is a huge range of options when it comes to powder-coated window frame colours. Bear in mind that this can lead to extended manufacturing times so you should consider this when planning your home improvement project.

RAL colour chart
Residence collection window handles

Window furniture

Your chosen window furniture will have a considerable impact on the overall appearance of the window. It can also give the window a more traditional or contemporary feel, depending on your chosen option.

Window handles

As well as providing the means to open and close a window, the handle has an aesthetic function too. The most common handle option for windows today is espag handles. This type of handle is turned to operate a multipoint locking system and they come in a variety of styles. Alongside more modern designs, we offer pear drop and monkey tail design handles. These resemble traditional iron window handle designs so they’re a great option if you live in an old country cottage or period property.

Window handles also come in a variety of finishes like Brass, Chrome and Gold so there is an opportunity to customise their appearance further.

Espag window handle
Monkey tail window stay in Gold

Window stays

The purpose of a window stay is to hold the window open in a certain position. This allows the home to be ventilated as much or as little as the window stay will allow. However, they also have an effect on the way the window looks.

If you’re looking to give your window a more traditional appearance, for example, a monkey tail or pear drop design window stay is a great way to do so. Our flush sash windows complement traditional homes extremely well so these types of peg stay are a great option for them.

Sash window furniture

Our vertical sliding sash windows come with their own unique range of optional furniture. As a classic window style, the furniture contributes to a more authentic appearance. The furniture we use includes run-through horns and Georgian bars. However, they also come with sash lifts, sash fasteners, sash eyes and sash stops.

Vertical sliding window pull bar
Mahogancy uPVC casement window close up

Window frames and joints

The style of window framing is another important consideration. We offer two distinctive framing styles: sculptured and chamfered. However, our aluminium tilt and turn windows are also available in a slimline aluminium profile. If you’d like to recreate a specific style of window down to the finest detail, the window joints are something else you need to think about.

Sculptured frames

Sculptured window frames feature a balanced, curved design, which is highly decorative. Featuring softer edges, they’re often considered better suited to classic styles of home.

Liniar uPVC window joint
Window profile close up

Chamfered frames

The ideal complement to any contemporary architectural styles, chamfered frames feature straight, sharply defined edges. This results in a clean, symmetrical appearance.

Slimline aluminium profile

Due to their slenderness, these profiles allow for wider panes of glass to be fitted. This provides a clearer view of the outside and allows slightly more light to makes its way into your home.

Origin aluminium windows close up
Residence 9 flush sash windows mechanical joint

Mechanical joints

Timber windows were originally created by fitting extruded pieces of wood together and securing them in place using screws or glue. As a result of this method, the windows were left with seamless corner joints. Mechanically welded window joints are designed to replicate this particular feature of old timber windows.

Welded joints

After uPVC became the more popular material used in the manufacture of sliding sash windows, mechanical jointing was considered to take too much time and cost too much money. This led to welded joints being developed. The corner is more apparent with welded joints than it is on mechanical ones, a finish that is considered less traditional.

White uPVC bay casement windows with leaded glass

Glass options

Further customisation is possible with the glass area of the window. You can decide whether or not you’d like to have double or triple glazing too.

Decorative glass for windows

If you’d like to add a decorative element to the glass area of your window, decorative glass is the way to do so. Decorative glass comes in various forms such as etched, stained and bevelled glass. Some decorative glass designs will obscure the window somewhat too, so you can conceal the inside of your home better.

Decorative glass
Textured glass window

Privacy glass for windows

If you’d like an additional boost to privacy levels, opt for privacy glass instead. Privacy glass is heavily obscured and for this reason, it’s often used for bathroom windows. Privacy glass can also feature a patterned design of some kind. This means it can also be used to add a touch of decoration to your home.

Casement window style options

• uPVC or aluminium profiles
• Smooth & woodgrain finishes and a huge range of colours
• Chamfered or sculptured frames
• Window handles

Golden oak uPVC casement window
Agate grey uPVC flush sash window

Flush sash window style options

• Chamfered or sculptured frames
• Welded or mechanical joints
• Smooth & woodgrain finishes and a huge range of colours
• Window handles and window stays

Sliding sash window style options

• Extensive range of sash window furniture
• Wide selection of smooth and woodgrain finishes
• Mechanical or welded joints
• Run-through horns

Traditional white uPVC vertical sliding windows
Large white uPVC tilt and turn windows

Tilt & turn window style options

• uPVC or aluminium profiles
• Chamfered, sculptured or slimline aluminium frames
• Extensive range of uPVC and aluminium colour finish options
• Window handles

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