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Why choose a Craftsman door?

Whilst aesthetically beautiful, traditional timber doors can be difficult to maintain. Wood in its purest form is not the best material for a door that needs to stand the test of time and the broad range of weather conditions we now experience in the UK. 

Engineered timber doors mean that the limitations of a traditional timber door have been “designed out” to create an all-round more reliable Craftsman door for your home.

The Craftsman range is the perfect addition to Kettell’s portfolio of high-quality doors, and is at the heart of our #BanishBadDoors mission!

Here’s seven reasons why we love Solar Calibre’s Craftsman Doors here at Kettell:

1. British craftsmanship in engineered timber

Solar Calibre have been building beautiful door sets since the 1990s from their state-of-the-art premises in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire.

Their engineered timber doors require no yearly maintenance and are devoid of draughts caused by shrinkage. Added to that, they do not warp, twist, rot or deteriorate. Neither do they flake, stick, catch, or are susceptible to weather penetration.

2. Breadth of choice in style and colour

There are 30 door styles to choose from in 24 beautiful colours to match the style of your home.

Every door includes two water-based layers of colour, two of undercoat and a primer, each applied using the latest spray technology. These four layers are equivalent to a hard-wearing finish of an impressive ten coats of paint.

Find your perfect colour with our step-by-step door designer.

3. Precision engineering built to last

A combination of Sapele mahogany lipping and Tricoya facings provides a stable, hard-wearing, water-resistant door. 54mm door thickness, double rebated doors with triple weather seals come as standard.

Thermal doors with a Polyurethane insulating foam core offer the very best in energy efficiency.

Ultion patented snap secure technology which is anti-snap, pick, drill and bump resistant, can be fitted without the need for additional prep or for cylinder guards or security handles.

4. Wide range of hardware and other options

All Solar Calibre Craftsman doors come with a handle, letterbox and knocker in a choice of four colours, four sturdy stainless steel or brass hinges and a secure multi-point lock as standard.

A wide range of frame, sill and threshold options will complete your door specification, including Part M low threshold allowing easy wheelchair access.

Should you choose to upgrade your door, there are a number of options:

  • Keycap brings comfort to keys whether in your pocket or your hand. The colourful caps include glow in the dark options so they are easier to use at night.
  • Keyring offers built-in Bluetooth so you can track and activate the alarm in your keys from your phone so you can locate them at all times.
  • Sweet ‘edgeless’ design brings streamlined design to your door handles, knockers, escutcheons and letterboxes. Sweet’s multiple coatings of copper and nickel offers 20x more protection than the required flagship EN 1906:2012 corrosion standard.

5. Beautiful glazing

No fewer than 30 elegant glazing styles are available for many of the Craftsman door styles.

Wherever possible, Low-E energy efficient glass is supplied as standard.

6. Long-term guarantees

Craftsman doors, capped aluminium frames, PVC-U frames and glazing are guaranteed for 5 years. Hardware guarantees are offered for five years, and thresholds for five years.

7. Safety, security and compliance

Craftsman doors are built to create an unrivalled defence for your home. The sturdy door blade with solid core and timber/aluminium capped frame is universally popular for its quality, strength and innovative engineering.

Solar Calibre Doors are also fully compliant with Document L Compliance (UK Building Regulations).

What makes Kettell an expert fitter of Craftsman doors?

  • Our time-served knowledge and understanding of matching the most appropriate option to your requirements.
  • An unshakeable commitment to quality.
  • Bespoke, made-to-order doors worth the wait!
  • After-sales support you can rely on, whether it be technical advice on performance or on product care.

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