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Front of House & Entrance Door installation Quorn, Leicestershire

Name & Location: Claire & Jeremy, Quorn, Leicestershire

Door style & colour choice: Comp Door® Whitmore Front Door with Flag windows in Red with Kensignton Glass.

What made you want to change your existing door & windows? The windows and doors had been in since the house was built and thus were letting out warm air. 

How easy was it to design your dream door?  Very easy, we chose one from the brochure.

What was most important to you when it came to features of your door? E.g, Security, Thermal efficiency, Style? Security, style and durability. 

Our campaign is around banishing your bad door: What did you term ‘bad’ about your door?  It was bad as was letting in a draft.

You came to visit the showroom to finalise your design, how beneficial was it to come & see the product? The showroom was great as it allowed us to see a range of styles and talk to the experts! 

Why did you choose the style & colour of your door? We chose the style as it let some light in, but was also secure as people coming to the door couldn’t see in. We chose the colour because my Jeremy is Canadian and wanted red. 

How were Kettell during the process of designing & deciding on your door & windows? Kettell were very helpful as they provided unbiased advice. J was looking at a wooden door but Kettell explained that with young kids we should go for a composite door as more durable and very easy to clean. They also gave us advice about which windows to go with as well. 

Prior to the install did you feel well informed of the process and preparation for the install? We felt very informed and the team were fantastic.

Now your door & windows are installed what do you think?!

How did you find things on the install day? They were great and just got on with it. They explained how to work the windows and doors.

How were the fitters? A great team, very polite and professional.

Were you shown how to use the door & explained how to maintain it? We were explained how to use the door and if there were any problems we could come back to them. 

What is your overall impression of the Door/Comp Door® Brand? It seems great.

Would you recommend Comp Door®/ Kettell? I would definitely recommend them.

Kettell’s core values are: Did we deliver against these and which if any shone out?

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If you had to sum up your experience in 3 words, what would they be?





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