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Full House Install in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire

  1. What type of house do you live in? Semi detached house
  2. How long have you lived at the property? 10 years
  3. What made you decide to change your door & windows? (Security/Aesthetics/Maintenance) Insulation, Security, Maintenance
  4. Did you have a clear idea before your purchase on what you wanted, or did you seek help & advice from installers such as Kettell? I wanted casement windows in white uPVC & was pleased Kettell offered help & advice
  5. What appealed to you about Kettell Windows & their offering? I had viewed Kettell’s workmanship on a neighbour’s property & knew they were a company offering high quality
  6. What were the most important features of the doors/windows you chose? I wanted a solid timber core composite door that offered high security & required no maintenance. I wanted the five casement windows to maximise light plus giving the latest insulation & secure locking. 
  7. What items did you have replaced? Front Door / Five Windows / Sliding Patio Door. 
  8. What made you choose Solidor & what features of the door were important to you? I chose Solidor for its secure solid timber core construction & thermal efficiency. 
  9. Now that your new doors & windows have been installed what benefits have you noticed? I am not losing heat now, have been able to turn heating thermostat down, no more cold ankles from draughts, noisy old aluminium patio door has been replaced with a quiet running sliding door. My gas hob does not blow out now as I can open top casement window in the kitchen. I now have a good looking solid secure front door that will require no maintenance. I can let fresh air in by opening top casement windows & with a night time lock on them at night.
  10. Would you recommend Kettell Windows?I would most definitely recommend Kettell Windows.
  11. What has the aftercare service been like from Kettell Windows? Kettell’s aftercare service has been excellent prompt, professional, friendly.
  12. Would you recommend Solidor? I would highly recommend Solidor.
  13. If you had to sum the installation up in 3 words which would they be? QUALITY /. RELIABLE /. FRIENDLY


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  • White uPVC Casement Windows

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