We know how important it is to look & feel the products we champion, which is why we have installed a Smarts AluSpace Aluminium Single door and side screens at our showroom space.

We have created a home office set up to help you,  our customers envisage how the doors may be utilised in your home.

We enlisted the help of Aimee from HG Interior Design to really create a space you would definitely want to show off, through the expanse of glass! 

Aimee explains her inspiration behind the concept in the below video: 

Aimee certainly pushed myself & John out of our comfort zone, with the colour scheme & bold wallpaper, but we absolutely LOVE the final result & I only wish this was our office at home!!

It has certainly provided ideas for us to use steel look glass doors to partition our space more at home as our children grow & the space we have needs to work in multiple ways. I also like the separation but openness this look provides.

If you wish to work with Aimee be sure to check out her instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/hginteriordesign/ (can we just have the insta logo for this? )

The details of the door we have installed are: 

  • Smart Aluspace Single Aluminium Door in Black
  • Velino Lever Handle in Antique brass with Lock
  • Due to the height of the space available we have included a fixed screen either side & above the door