I’ve placed my order with Kettell Windows. What’s next?

We’re a family-run business here at Kettell Windows, and our family values in service and transparency translate into every step of our customer journey.

We thought it would be useful to share what to expect once you’ve placed your order with us.

Step 1: Confirming your order

Your order is confirmed with a contract that provides full information on your order details and deposit payment.

Once the order has been reviewed internally, it is added to our client management system so all in our team have complete oversight of what’s needed, when.

Step 2: Your on-site survey

We arrange a mutually convenient time for one of our in-house surveyors to conduct an on-site survey. They will capture full and detailed measurements of all the items at your property, checking that everything noted matches what you asked for at the time of placing your order.

If we unearth any structural challenges, it may mean we need to discuss additional works with you, such as including lintels to support the new windows or doors. We’ll outline these requirements in full, and let you know if additional costs are involved. Once any costs have been communicated and agreed, we will update the order accordingly.

If there is render to the outside of your property or a difference in the thickness of the frame being replaced, we might need to have a further discussion about the impact on floor heights and finish. It is likely that we will have already considered this and discussed it with you at the purchasing stage, but the on-site survey presents the ideal opportunity to explore what is needed in more detail.

Step 3: Placing your order with our windows and doors suppliers

Once we have cross-checked the relevant information at your onsite survey, we are able to place your order with our network of trusted suppliers. Please be aware that timescales vary according to both the product selected and the complexity of the order. Our Roseview and Evolution ranges, for example, can take up to sixteen weeks for production whereas standard items from our Vevo range have taken as little as 2-3 weeks. If you’re looking for your project to be completed within a particular timeframe, it’s important to take these production times as well as installation lead times into account at the point of your initial enquiry.

Step 4: Arranging your installation

Once we have an estimated delivery date from our suppliers, we assess the number of days and team members needed to install at your property, and offer you an estimated installation date. We know life is busy, and if you require specific dates due to holiday or work commitments, we will always try and accommodate. The more notice you’re able to offer, the easier it will be to do this. Equally, if you have a level of flexibility, please do let us know; in the event that a gap becomes available in our schedule or a product is delivered early, we may be able to fit you in sooner.

Circumstances out of our control

The biggest factor that lies outside our control is the good old British weather! Heavy rain and cold Winter temperatures can impact your installation, as well as the number of available daylight hours. Another determining factor is the absence or sickness of one of our team members. Rest assured, however, we will always do our best to mitigate levels of impact however we can.

Step 5: Preparing for your installation

There are a few things we ask you to do in advance to help the installation run as smoothly as possible:

  1. Ensure the team have easy access to the windows or doors by moving any furniture from that area.
  2. Remove all blinds and curtains. If, however, you have any concerns about doing this yourself, please let us know prior to the installation and we’ll be happy to factor the removal into the time allocated.
  3. Remove all family heirlooms and other valuable items from your window sill and en route from your point of entry to the installation area (e.g. a mirror or painting on the stairs).
  4. Cover anything you particularly want to protect (e.g. a bed or other immovables) (and we’ll protect whatever’s underfoot with our dust sheets and shoe covers).
  5. If you have a driveway and are happy for us to use it for our vehicle(s), we can reduce disruption to your neighbours.
  6. Keep children and pets away from the installation area.

Putting in place these measures may even mean that we are able to finish ahead of time.

Step 6: On the day of your installation

You can be assured that our installation team will be courteous and professional at all times. We have, after all, been invited into your home or workspace, and will do our best to keep noise and inconvenience to a minimum.

Our team works to incredibly high standards. We guarantee a quality service by dedicating the time needed, even if it means going over the original timescale suggested.

If it’s a full house installation, we will normally start upstairs in the back bedrooms and bathrooms, making our way down through the house, with the front door being our final job. However, if you prefer that we start on a certain room due to your work or social commitments, please let us know us in advance.

At the end of the install, our team members will present the finished items to you, providing full instructions on operation and answering any questions you may have. They will make sure that all glass and frames are cleaned appropriately, and will also vacuum the surrounding area and sweep up any debris outside your home.

As proud supporters of a cleaner double glazing industry, we will also take away any old items we have replaced, and arrange for them to be recycled by a certified collector.

Step 7: Our aftercare service

Our office team will be in touch over the coming days to check all is well.

Here at Kettell, we offer a full aftercare service (outlined in full in our guarantee). So, in the unlikely event that we need to return and make adjustments in the days, weeks or perhaps months after the installation, you can be assured that any issues will be sorted without delay or quibbles.

As we are a local business concentrating on Leicester and Leicestershire, you can be assured our friendly team are never far away.

If the issue is urgent or considered a security risk, we will advise you on an immediate course of action.

Step 8: Registering your installation

Did you know it’s your responsibility to register replacement window and door installations with your local authority? One of the benefits of working with a FENSA Approved Installer like Kettell is that we register the installation on your behalf. Your FENSA certificate is also proof that your installation complies with Building Regulations and is backed by guarantee insurance. You can learn more about FENSA.

All Kettell’s installations include an insurance backed guarantee through our partner InstallSure. In addition, Kettell’s own completion pack contains the energy certificates applicable for your windows and doors, plus care guides and any maintenance information.

Your friendly door and window experts

We’re confident you will have a great experience with Kettell. Please look out for our ‘refer a friend’ card to reap the reward of recommending us to your family and friends.

Finally, we’d love to hear from you! Whatever your question, our friendly team are on hand at every step of your doors and windows journey. Contact us.