If you live in Leicestershire and are wondering why your windows are getting steamed up due to condensation, you may have thought “Surely by installing double glazing that would prevent condensation build-up”.

Well, one of the main reasons you get condensation in double glazing is because it’s actually working!

It’s 100% normal to have condensation on your double glazed windows and in this article we will explain why, as well as identifying any problems you may actually have with your double glazing.

We’ll be looking at:

  • Condensation on the inside of the window
  • Household tips to reduce condensation
  • Condensation in between the two window panes of glass

Condensation on the inside or outside of the window

Condensation build up on the inside or outside of the window is completely normal.

It’s a key indicator that your double glazing is working properly and that you shouldn’t be worried about searching for repairs or replacements.

To look at it more logistically, when cold air from the outside meets heat generated from your home, the two collide and will generate condensation as the warm air turns the cold air into water.

This is called condensation and your windows will often steam up.

You may notice this more often when you take a bath or a hot shower, when you’re washing and drying clothes or when you’re cooking.

And the reason is simple, because there is no air ventilation circulating throughout your home to eradicate any condensation build-up.

It’s when you don’t see condensation on your window that there may be an underlying issue that needs looking into further.

Black mould

If you leave the condensation on your window, you may start to notice black mould forming around your window frames. This is bad and can lead to respiratory health issues if left untreated.

This is why you should follow our advice in the household tips section of this article below, to avoid any serious health issues. So make sure you keep reading to find out what our tips and tricks are!

Household tips to reduce condensation

We hope that the condensation build-up on your window is either on the inside or the outside, in which there are many simple household tricks that you can do to eliminate the condensation from your windows.

The main one being ventilation.

As we mentioned, the reason why condensation is occurring is because there is no airflow inside the property. By opening a window, you allow for air to flow throughout the house and in turn, will get rid of any condensation build-up.

You should also wipe down your windows with a cloth, this is to prevent any black mould from gathering around your window frames which may cause breathing issues for you and your family. So it’s best to stay on top of wiping your windows on a regular basis.

Investing in extractor fans will help keep your windows clear when cooking, having a hot bath or shower. Even a dehumidifier will help to take any moisture out of the air. 

Whilst the latter can be quite a costly investment, more specifically increasing your energy bills and overall usage. The former (extractor fans) are commonplace in homes in the UK these days and do a great job of taking steam or moisture out of the air and can be turned on/off as required, often automated when using specific household appliances.

Condensation in between the two window panes of glass

When you get condensation between the two panes of glass, it’s a sign that one of your windows isn’t performing as it should and that it may need repairing or replacing.

As with most double glazing, it could be any number of issues however the most often-found issues tend to be with the seal of the window being damaged or broken and needing a new seal to keep cold air out and keep the hot air in.

Many double glazing companies offer this fix and it’s a relatively quick fix.

But in some cases it could be something more serious, the window itself could be damaged or even the frame could be the root of the issue.

Whilst a lot of the new window styles are designed to last 20 plus years, the older windows deteriorate over time and simply need replacing for more modern, higher energy efficient windows that are much more durable through different weathering conditions and are more sustainable over the long run.

Kettell Windows can repair or replace windows

If you’re finding that your windows aren’t as energy efficient as they once were and they’re allowing heat to escape from your home, then get in touch with us today.

We can help you repair or replace your windows to install more energy efficient and durable windows that will last much longer than your old windows and continue to perform whatever the weather.

Most importantly, our windows can help you save on your energy bills and once installed you will notice a difference as heat will have nowhere to escape, which means your house will take less time to warm up, which means an overall reduction in the heating being on.

So get in touch with us today for a free quote, our friendly team is on-hand to help answer any questions you may have and to best advise.