With the rise of housing prices, more people are living in smaller homes than ever. 

That means we have to be smarter with the way we make the most of our space in our smaller houses than ever before. 

But, where do we start? 

We have comprised a list of our favorite small space living ideas. 

Small no longer has to mean cramped. 


The bigger the window the better


White uPVC tilt and turn windows interior view

When people think small, it’s easy to think claustrophobic and tight. Large windows are a great way to create the illusion of a bigger space – letting light and the outside in. 

So, remember, when it comes to windows, size does matter!


Add outdoor living spaces


Small space living doesn’t just mean indoors.

Adding outdoor living spaces makes the most of all the space your property has to offer. Outdoor living spaces could be a Garden Office, or even a veranda.

Check out our ‘Garden Offices’ blog for more ideas on outdoor living spaces.


Knock down walls


The clue might be  in the name ‘open’ plan but walls divide rooms. Removing some walls creates an airier space which feels much bigger. 

Grab the hammers and go wild (or call the experts!).


Create glass walls


Ok, before you get too sledgehammer-happy. Why not think about adding some glass walls.

Glass walls are a unique feature that separates rooms but still gives that open-plan feeling. 


Shelve it


It’s simple, short for space? Shelve it.

Shelves offer storage without taking up the amount of room a cupboard takes. Allowing you to easily store belongings, without compromising on precious floor space.


Under stair storage


You walk up and down them everyday but not enough people think stairs when it comes to storage.

With under stair storage, the space under the staircase is no longer a forgotten place. 


Low-to-floor furniture


Remember when you were a child and everything looked so much bigger because you were so much smaller.?

Low-to-floor furniture does the same thing. Making the ceiling look so much higher because you are so much lower.

Adding low-to-floor furniture to your home, especially the living room, will help create a sense of extra space that you didn’t have before.

Think low!


Paint it white


It’s a somewhat simple trick. Everything looks bigger and brighter in white.

This could include white-painted walls, or white frame uPVC windows.

Why Kettell Windows? 

Truth is, with the right design and a little bit of thought, any small living space needn’t be limited to its size. 

At Kettell Windows, we pride ourselves on our innovation when it comes to everything home. No space is too small and no idea is too big. 

With our showrooms, you can see what we can achieve for your home, regardless of its size. You might even be surprised at the amount of windows and doors we can fit in our showroom!

Kettell Windows have been bringing luxury living space designs to homes all across Leicester, Leicestershire, and Loughborough for 15 years. 

Why not get in contact today to see what we can achieve?