EvolutionTimber alternative windows are built to the proportions of traditional timber windows down to the finest detail. However, instead of being built from wood, they’re built from uPVC. Of course, being built from uPVC, they possess all of this material’s practical qualities instead.

Evolution windows are a high-quality variety of timber alternative windows. We install them here at Kettell Windows and they’ve proven a hugely popular choice with our customers. Here are some of the reasons why:

None of the practical drawbacks of wood

One of the main reasons people choose timber alternative windows over the real thing is that wood will rot over time. To prevent this from happening, it requires retreating, a process that is both costly and time-consuming.

However, high-quality uPVC never requires retreating, it’s incapable of rotting and it resists warping and losing its colour. Keeping it clean and looking its best is also super easy; wiping it down using a soft cloth and soapy water occasionally is all you need to do.

Beautiful timber window features

White uPVC flush sash bay windowOne of the most distinguishing features of timber alternative windows are flush window sashes. However, Evolution windows also come with traditional butt hinges, handcrafted joints and sleek, beautifully proportioned framework. The combination of these features is not only incredibly attractive but it ensures for a larger glass area, leading to brighter interiors.

Some of the best Window Energy Ratings money can buy

Evolution windows really stand out because they’re able to achieve energy ratings of A+. This means they prevent large quantities of heat from escaping outside your home, ensuring it stays nice and warm when you need it to. With plenty more heat staying inside the home, you can reduce the amount you spend on your heating bill too.

Perfect for conservation and contemporary homes

Evolution traditional white uPVC casement windowsIn conservation areas, it’s common for restrictions to be in place that prevent you from making changes to your property that might affect its historical character. However, Evolution windows are regularly approved for use in conservation areas when used to replace existing timber windows.

But that doesn’t mean they’re only suitable for use in these areas. Their sleek, flush exterior lends itself beautifully to more contemporary architecture too, making them suitable for a huge range of homes.

Better for the environment than you might think

As timber is a completely natural material, there’s no doubt that it’s environmentally friendly. However, our timber alternative windows, including Evolution windows, are all completely recyclable. As they also make homes much more energy-efficient, the impact they have on the environment is overwhelmingly positive.

‘Alternative’ timber effect windows

Oak effect Residence 9 flush sash windowsThe Evolution range is not the only type of timber alternative windows we have available. We’ve also got options that are manufactured by Liniar, Deceuninck and the Residence Collection, so you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

We have plans to add a range of Evolution window case studies to our website in the near future, so keep an eye out for them in our blog section!

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