When it comes to improving your Leicestershire home, security is simply something that you cannot afford to skimp out on. The idea of an intruder forcing their way into your home is an unnerving one for almost all of us. However, the good news is that the chances of someone breaking into your home are massively reduced when you opt for one of our Ultion locks. Here’s why:

Features of Ultion locks:

Ultion locking cylinder11 pins and 294,970 key combinations

Some of the best locking cylinders on the market are advertised as having 5 or 6 pins but Ultion locks feature a whopping 11! This means there are around 294,970 different key combinations with them. With so many pin combinations (nearly 3 times more than the number required for the highest standard), the chance of picking the lock is unbelievably slim.

Double snap resistance

Ultion locks resist a technique known as lock snapping, which is one of the most common methods intruders employ to force entry to the home. However, the defence they offer against this particular technique is better than most; Ultion locks still stop access to your home even if they’ve been snapped not once but twice.
The Ultion lock

£1000 Guarantee

Ultion is so certain of the level of security that their locks provide that they offer a £1,000 guarantee if your home is burgled within 5 years of the date the lock was installed and entry was achieved by lock snapping. This guarantee, however, must be activated within 28 days of the installation.

Innovative lockdown move

Ultion locks have a unique lockdown mode which means that, in the event of an attack, a hidden firing pin is released. This firing pin secures the central cam, preventing the door from being forced open by a potential intruder.


TS007 3 star rated

The TS007:2012 BSi Kitemark system is one of the independent accreditation schemes that tests the security credentials of locking cylinder before giving them a security rating. This rating system uses stars as an indicator of security with 1 star being the lowest and 3 stars the highest, which Ultion locks have duly been awarded.

Locking cylinders with this rating have proved they can withstand 5 different methods that burglars use to force entry to the home:


  • Drilling the lock
  • Lock bumping
  • Lock snapping
  • Picking
  • Plug extraction

As it’s able to resist virtually all forms of forced entry attempt, you really can relax in the knowledge that your home will be secured at all times.

Sold Secure Diamond Rated

Sold Secure Diamond rated is an accreditation that very few types of door locking hardware can attest to having received, although the Ultion lock happens to be one of them that can. This accreditation is granted by the Master Locksmiths Association and a Diamond rating is only granted to security hardware that passes the most stringent of security tests.

Fitted as standard to every Solidor door

Here at Kettell Windows, the Ultion lock comes fitted as standard to our Solidor composite doors, which possess plenty of other excellent security features too. So, if you’re interested in maximising the security of your Leicestershire home, get in touch with us.