The nights are getting longer and darker as we head towards Christmas

Imagine how you’ll feel arriving home on a dark winter night to be welcomed by a gorgeous festive Christmas display.

There are so many fabulous ways to decorate your door and make it look festive.

A classic wreath

There are lots of different styles of wreaths around, from classic foliage to wreaths made entirely out of baubles. If your front door has a glazed panel in the centre, you might prefer to use foliage around the outside of your doorframe to make the most of the daylight while it lasts! Avoid damage to your door by hanging your wreath with ribbon, picture hanging strips or a suction hook.

Brilliant baubles

Baubles aren’t just for the Christmas tree. You can add them to a wreath or hang them from your front door using ribbon. Choose classic Christmas colours such as red, green, gold or silver, or give your door a contemporary look using striking pinks and blues or neutral silver and white.

Light up with lanterns

We love the look of a classic lantern and there are many ways to use them to suit your style. Choose a large lantern with glass panels and fill it with fairy lights, pinecones or baubles. You can hang your lantern from your porch or sit them next to your front door.

Make your door a gift

If you have a solid front door without glazing, why not make it look like a Christmas present? Wrap it with ribbon and tie it in a bow at the front. It’s ideal if your door handle, knocker and postbox are in the middle or if you don’t have a postbox at all. Otherwise, your postie won’t be able to deliver cards or those last-minute gifts!

Sparkle with fairy lights

We love seeing the sparkling Christmas lights when we head home on a dark night. Fairy lights look great in lanterns and wreaths. Alternatively, you can wrap them around a tree or hang them in your front window.

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Hammering in nails or using an over-the-door wreath hanger can damage your front door.

We recommend hanging your wreath using ribbon, picture hanging strips or a suction hook. You could also hang it over your door knocker. Lining the back of your wreath or removing any sharp elements will stop it from scratching your door or glass.