Your front door needs to look good to create a great first impression for your visitors.

The best doors keep your home secure and can help you to save money on your energy bills. 

Benchmark doors offer the best of all worlds. They combine superb security with energy efficiency and provide a range of styles so you can find a look you’ll love. Here’s what you can expect when you choose a Benchmark door.

Energy efficiency

A well-fitted front door can help you eliminate drafts and save money on your energy bills; we know how important that is at the moment. When they created their composite doors, Benchmark thought about how they could help us all to become more energy efficient, reduce our bills and protect the planet.

Their glazed composite doors have a U value of 1.3. We love that they offer you a great range of options for your door’s appearance while still guaranteeing fantastic thermal efficiency. That’s great news for the environment and your pocket.

Superb security

Your front door forms a vital part of your home security. With Benchmark doors, you can choose various security options, including your lock, spy hole and even a security-enhanced letterbox. 

When you design your perfect front door, you can upgrade to a Secured By Design (SBD) door. SBD is a police initiative that aims to improve building security and provide everyone with a safe environment at work, home or play. SBD has an accreditation scheme recognising high-quality security features, and they’re all available with Benchmark doors.

Good home security is as important to us as it is to you, so we’re delighted that Benchmark has put so much thought into the options they offer.

Long-lasting quality

We’re on a mission to #Banishbaddoors at Kettell, which means we want great front doors built to last. Benchmark gives you peace of mind knowing that your door, frame, glazing and finishes are all guaranteed for five years. You can also choose a guarantee of up to five years for your hardware.

This means they are invested in ensuring your door is as hard-wearing as possible. They use materials that offer superb energy efficiency and security but are also very low-maintenance. Whichever finish you choose, you can be sure it’ll look great in the years to come.

A range of styles to suit your property

A great front door gives your home the wow factor and can make you smile when you return home after a busy day. We love that Benchmark gives you a range of styles to suit your home, whether you want an ultra-modern look or something more traditional. They offer 18 traditional styles, from classic panelled doors to Art Deco glamour. You can also choose from 14 contemporary designs with striking glass panels and modern fittings.

Benchmark also offer a choice of 34 premium colours so you can tailor the look of your door. Choose a gorgeous woodgrain, or give your home a pop of colour and greet your guests with Azure or fiery Diablo. You can use our door designer to play with colour and see which one you prefer.

Flexible design options

Benchmark doors allow you to customise your new front door with their range of styles and colours, but it doesn’t stop there. Your glazing choice will make a significant difference to the overall look of your door and the amount of light it lets into your home. Opt for large, glazed panels or small yet striking glazed inserts. There’s also a choice of clear, obscure or satin glass to give you all the privacy you need. You’ll also be able to choose whether you want side panels, a toplight, both or neither. 

With a Benchmark door, everything can be customised, from the style of your door handles to the height of your threshold. This is ideal if you want to make your home more accessible, as their low-threshold option makes life easier for wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs, as you can glide straight into the house.

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