If the double glazing on your home is particularly old, you might have wondered if replacing it will be worthwhile. So, as leading providers of double glazing Leicester, we’ve decided to share our expertise on the issue so you know when and why you should upgrade your glazing.

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Will new windows improve thermal performance?

Double glazing that is between 10-15 years old usually has a gap of around 6mm between the two panes of glass. This is significant because the smaller the gap, the less effective the window is at keeping heat inside the home. The gap on new double glazed windows, on the other hand, tends to be around 16mm. Therefore, thermal performance is significantly better.

To put this into context, uPVC windows built prior to 2007 won’t have a Window Energy Rating (WER) higher than ‘C’. Whereas, our uPVC casement windows can achieve ratings of ‘A+’. Therefore, by choosing to upgrade, you’ll be making your home considerably more energy efficient. Not only will this make your home more comfortable but there’s a good chance it will knock down your energy bills too.

Will new windows soundproof my home better?

The larger gap between the panes of glass on modern double glazing also makes it more effective at keeping out unwanted noise. So, if you find road traffic, loud neighbours or other sources of noise prevent you from winding down when at home, consider upgrading any old windows. If noise is a serious issue, acoustic glass can also be fitted onto new windows, providing significant acoustic insulation for the home.

7 signs that double glazing needs replacing:

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  1. Condensation between the panes of glass – this indicates that the seal between the two panes of glass has failed and the inert gas that sits between them has seeped out and been replaced with moist air. When this happens, the window’s ability to retain heat is compromised and replacing it should be considered.
  2. Leaky windows – window leaks might be caused by the seal around the frame wearing away or the drain holes becoming blocked. Repair work should be able to resolve any minor leaks, although a window replacement is recommended for larger ones.
  3. Draughty windows – a common cause of draughts is that the window seal has failed, creating a gap for air to make its way in the home and heat to make its way out. Although it’s possible to replace the window seals, this is not a long-term solution, especially if the double glazing is already pretty old.
  4. Too much noise inside the home – as mentioned above, older windows are unable to keep noise out of your home as well as new ones.
  5. Significant damage – although general signs of wear and tear are nothing to worry about, any significant areas of rot or large cracks leave your home at risk of mould formation or damp.
  6. Your furniture is fading – Whereas older windows offer little protection against UV rays, many of the windows fitted today are equipped with UV protection. So, if you find your furniture or carpets have faded, you can protect them by upgrading your windows.
  7. Difficulty opening & closing – This issue can sometimes be caused by faulty hardware. However, if windows are shutting by themselves or getting stuck, it might be time to replace the whole window instead.

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