Buying replacement windows for your home comes with a number of practical benefits. However, not all of them will be suitable for you, so it’s important you know how to find your perfect window replacements. Therefore, to help you out with this, we’ve created this handy guide.

How do you work out if a window needs replacing?

Of course, the first thing you need to determine is whether or not your windows even need replacing in the first place. To do this, look out for the following tell-tale signs:

  • Residence collection window handlesEnergy bills that are unusually high – old, failing windows and single glazed ones are known for their inability to keep heat in the home, contributing to higher energy bills.
  • You struggle to open and close the window – you need to be able to open the window in order to ventilate your home properly and close it to keep your home safe.
  • Large areas of rot – if your home is fitted with old timber windows and they have rotted away significantly, you’re better off replacing them than attempting repairs.
  • The window won’t lock – although it’s possible to replace window locking hardware, if your windows are well-aged anyway, replacing them likely makes more sense in the long run.

So why should you consider window replacements?

There’s plenty of reasons why you should replace the windows in your home. For starters, glazing technology has advanced considerably over the past 10 years, which means the windows of today offer far superior performance levels. Specifically, however, you can expect to benefit from:

1. Increased security

Window locks and handles

Compared to old windows, new ones will be built from sturdier stuff. Plus, the quality of the materials they use will not have diminished over time. Modern windows also come fitted with a range of excellent security hardware like multi-point locks. By replacing single glazed windows with double glazing, you can also enjoy the extra security provided by an additional pane of glass.

What’s more, improving your home security is not just about keeping intruders out of your home; in case of a fire breakout, you might want to improve your means of escape too. By working with our team of experts, we can advise you on what windows will provide a safe route out of your home whilst enhancing its appearance.

2. A warmer home for less

New windows achieve far higher energy ratings than older ones, which means they are better at retaining heat in the home. For example, our uPVC casement windows can achieve U-values of 1.3 W/m2k and an ‘A+’ Window Energy Rating (WER).

Because replacement windows are better at retaining heat, you can expect your home to feel cosier throughout the year. Plus, you’ll be less reliant on your heating system to keep your home warm, which means you won’t have to spend so much on energy.

3. It’s better for the environment

White UPVC tilt and turn windows installationLowering your energy use has the knock-on effect of reducing your carbon footprint, which has a positive impact on the environment. But that’s not all, our uPVC windows are fully recyclable so they’re a sustainable selection for your home. Here at Kettell Windows, when we take away the old windows from a customer’s home, we also try to recycle as much of them as we possibly can.

4. Long-term cover

If your windows are no longer under guarantee and something goes wrong with them, chances are you’ll have to fork out for replacements anyway.

However, our windows are built to last and we provide extensive guarantees on them as proof of this*. This means that in the unlikely scenario that something goes wrong with them, we can rectify it with no cost to yourself.

5. Added value and visual appeal

Chartwell green uPVC casement windows installationIf your windows look tired and outdated, the visual appeal of your property will suffer as a result. However, window replacements will really freshen up the look of your home.

Combining this with the added security, improved thermal performance and long-term window cover, your home will become instantly more attractive to prospective buyers, which is great for anyone with ambitions of selling their home.

Finding the right replacement windows for your home:

Chrome window handleNow you know the benefits of replacing your windows the next step is finding the right ones for you. To do this, you will need to consider three things:

  • Window material
  • Window style
  • Additional customisation options

We’ve covered each aspect below so you’ll have all the information you need to find your perfect window replacements.

Which window material is right for me?

The material that replacement windows are constructed from has an effect on the way they look and perform. Therefore, it’s good to be aware of the differences between each material to help you determine which best suits your needs.

uPVC windows

Grey uPVC casement windows installationThe majority of windows that are fitted in the UK are built from uPVC. It is a material that provides excellent heat and sound insulation, leading to warmer and quieter homes. The uPVC windows of today are also equipped with numerous heat-trapping chambers, which boosts their thermal performance even higher. In addition to this, uPVC windows are easy to maintain and they tend to be the most cost-effective window solution.

Aluminium windows

Grey aluminium casement windowAluminium is stronger than other window materials, which means aluminium window frames tend to be slimmer. This gives them a look that many consider to be more modern, whilst the smaller frames mean a larger area of glass. Despite being fitted with polyamide thermal breaks, dramatically improving their thermal performance, aluminium windows perform slightly worse than uPVC ones in this respect. However, they are incredibly durable and, like uPVC, very easy to keep clean.

What style of window will I need?

When it comes to finding the right style of window for your home, you can’t go wrong if you opt for a like for like replacement. However, it’s possible to change the window style but make sure it is still suitable for your property otherwise you might negatively impact property value.

The styles of window that are available to you include:

  • Casement windows – casement windows are defined by the fact that they open outwards. Otherwise, how they look and perform is up to you. Because of this incredible versatility, it may not come as a surprise that they can be adapted to suit virtually any property.
  • Flush sash windows – although they’re operated in the same way as casements, flush sash windows have sashes that sit flush to the window frame. This emulates the look of traditional timber windows, making them very well suited to period homes, country cottages and other heritage applications.
  • Vertical sliding windows – designed to emulate the features of traditional sliding sash windows down to the finest detail, they’re instantly recognisable by their two sliding window sashes. They sit beautifully on period homes and others which have a more classic charm.
  • Tilt & turn windows – featuring the ability to be tilted inward on a 90° angle, tilt & turn windows offer the ability to ventilate your home and clean your windows safely. This makes them ideal for placement in high-up locations and for families with young children.

What customisation options are there for replacement windows?

Decorative glassAfter you’ve chosen your perfect window style, it’s time to think about adapting it so it’s perfect for you. There are various aspects of the window that you can alter, which we will cover individually within this section. However, you can explore them yourself by checking out our window style options page.

Window glass options

Replacement windows can be fitted with various kinds of decorative glass, allowing you to add a stylish visual element to them. However, you might consider privacy glass instead if you want to prevent peering eyes from seeing into your home.

Window hardware

Window handles come in a number of designs, allowing you to tailor the look of your windows to better suit traditional or contemporary applications. You might also consider a traditional window stay, particular if you’ve opted for flush sash windows. Vertical sliding windows also come with their own range of unique hardware.

Window frames and joints

Close up of sculptured framesThe style of window frame and the type of joints will determine whether your replacement windows are better suited to contemporary or modern architecture too. For example, the curved appearance of sculptured frames is considered more traditional, but the straight, sharp edges of chamfered frames are seen as more contemporary.

In regards to window joints, mechanical ones resemble traditional timber window joints, meaning they’re better suited to heritage applications than modern welded joints.


Close up of casement windows with chamfered framesThe amount of finish options for windows these days is truly remarkable. There are smooth, metallic, matte and woodgrain textured options to choose from along with a plethora of different colours. Therefore, it’s easy to find an option that matches the look of any property in Leicestershire, no matter how unique.

Once you’ve customised the subtle nuances that truly make the windows your own, you’re ready to get a high-quality installer like us at Kettell Windows to come to your home and fit them for you.

However, if you require more information, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team by calling us on 0116 2696721 or contacting us online.


*Full details of guarantees provided with order