As they combine beautiful styling with secure, durable and energy-efficient design, it’s no surprise that composite doors have quickly become the most popular type of entrance door in the UK. However, not all of them are made equal and Solidor doors are a testament to this. Here are 7 reasons to choose Solidor over other composite doors:

1. Ultion locking cylinders and Avantis multipoint locks

The Ultion locking cylinder is, without a doubt, one of the best locking cylinders on the market; it can stop an intruder from entering your home even if they’ve managed to snap it not once but twice. Every Solidor door also comes fitted with one as standard.

Along with Ultion locking cylinders, Solidor doors come with Avantis multipoint locks that firmly secure them at a variety of points in their framework.

2. A more solid design

Unlike your typical composite door, which comes fitted with a foam core, the core of a Solidor door is made from 48mm of dense timber. Both timber and foam are good insulators, however, foam cannot compete with timber in terms of how strong it is. This additional rigidity ensures Solidor doors are much better equipped to endure all types of impact.

3. Secured by Design

As a result of their impressive security features, they have been accredited by Secured by Design, a scheme run by the UK Police that recognises ultra-secure home improvement solutions. This is an accolade that few other composite doors can boast of.

4. Knockdown those energy bills

Modern Solidor composite front doorAs mentioned earlier, the solid timber core gives Solidor composite doors fantastic insulation qualities. However, their outer frames are also fitted with 5 heat-trapping chambers, meaning their ability to keep the heat in your home is truly remarkable.

As a result, you shouldn’t need to rely on your radiators as much to keep warm when at home, so you should be able to save yourself some money.

5. The eco-friendly choice

Their outer framing is also completely lead-free whilst the timber core is manufactured from FSC certified wood that comes from sustainable forests. So, in regard to their eco-friendliness, they score very highly in this aspect too.

6. Better scratch resistance

Traditional white composite front door installationSolidor doors feature ABS skins that are made from a solid colour right the way through, giving them long-lasting vibrancy. However, the GRP skins that you typically find on standard composite doors are only surface painted, meaning scratches and other marks are very easy to detect on them.

7. Design your own

Using our useful composite door designer, it’s possible to create your ideal Solidor door, which you can then get an accurate, free, no-obligation quote for online. Choose from 23 different colours, classic and contemporary door styles, various glazing options, and an impressive range of accessories to boot.

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